Wellness Education

Wellness has a personal meaning to everyone. For some, it may mean preventing illness, while another may be striving for a healthy balance of work, home, and personal time. Managing stress, losing weight, or staying off medication are other versions of wellness. Whatever your definition is, I can teach you techniques and strategies to get on your path to finding wellness.


If you already have a wellness program in place at your work site, Lunch-n-Learns are a great way to provide education on the various topics your employees are interested in. Is stress a big issue in your company? Teaching people about the health consequences of stress, and how to prevent them, is one of the most popular topics. Disease prevention, nutrition, and fitness, are just a few of the seminar topics offered. Please contact me to discuss the concerns and goals at your work place. We can map out a plan to arm your employees with the knowledge necessary to make the right choices for their situations.