Purge Your Pantry

It’s easy to resist a temptation that doesn’t exist! To get on the path to healthy eating, padding your environment and purging your pantry are essential. If you are hungry and you have the choice between apples and cookies, chances are you will go for the cookies. One of my favorite lines I often hear is, “I have the snacks for the kids.” Guess what? Your kids don’t need the junk either. Modeling behavior and instilling healthy habits at a young age is the best way to ensure they have a healthy relationship with food when they are older.


During my in-home visit, we will literally purge your pantry---the cabinets, refrigerator and freezer too! We will go through each item, reading labels and ingredient lists, to assess if it is worth keeping. I won’t leave your cupboards bare---we will come up with replacement items for things that get tossed. Involving the kids in this exercise is welcomed and encouraged!


During my office visit, I will assess your break room and cafeteria. We will talk about how these areas are used, who stocks it, and how to provide healthier choices. We will also talk about ways for food brought in for meetings and luncheons to be nutritious and appealing to all. This is a group effort, so anyone interested in making the work place a nutritionally healthier environment is welcome to participate.