Why the Better Beings Kauai Wellness Retreat?

It is an amazing week dedicated to WHOLE Wellness;


Wellness Retreat Crew

For starters, Michelle made sure that the house was filled with healthy, delicious and satisfying food. I really enjoyed the rotating cooking schedule. It was fun to showcase our cooking skills and creativity in the kitchen. We ate all day! I was NEVER hungry. When I got home, I had actually lost 3 lbs. - even after the Shaved Ices (yes plural) I ate in town.

Between Yoga, Meditations, Workouts, Painting on the beach, Exploring, Surfing, Paddle boarding, Biking and Daily Wellness Classes, you might think we had no time to ourselves. We did! We had time to shop, take relaxing sunrise and sunset walks, lay on the beach, snorkel and hang out with Sea turtles.

Why Kauai? Kauai has the spirit of Aloha floating around the island in each tropical breeze! You often hear about the magic of the islands—it’s true! Around every corner is something awe-inspiring. From massive mountains to fairy dwellings - this place is made to ignite something inside you! Michelle's wellness company, Better Beings, is dedicated to the WHOLE person and strives to make positive community connections wherever she goes. She created a 10-week program, You Revolution, for faculty and staff of Denver Public Schools and has touched the lives of over 500 DPS employees so far. In addition, she is involved with groups like Recess Inc. an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for teachers and she volunteers for, and supports the efforts of, the American Heart Association.  For this retreat, she connected with a Native Hawaiian-owned bike shop for our bike rentals and found a local artist to meet us at one of the many beautiful places to teach us how to paint the scenery.

The most incredible connection Michelle established was with Bear, of Kauai Adventure Fitness.  He brought a truly unique element to this retreat. Bear is native to Kauai, and helped us on our journey to awakening our inner light. His knowledge of island beaches, people, fruits, food and practices were amazing. He led us in several meditations that I can truly say, changed my life.

Michelle is a walking billboard for health and fitness and sees perfection in others. She is creative, productive, encouraging and smart. Her belief in manifesting your own life has really stuck with me. She has designed her life in a way that serves others and spreads health and wellness to as many people as she can. The things I’ve learned on this retreat will definitely help me continue to create the life I want to live. This is a wonderful retreat and I would encourage anyone interested to make the commitment and GO! Nothing about your trip will be average; it will all be more than you expected!

- Tarena

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