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MICHELLE ZELLNER IS BACK TO HELP MAKE YOU THE BEST YOU EVER! And if you haven't already bought her book The You Revolution: The Journey of a Better Being or it's companion journal, you really should if you want to spur yourself into significant changes to be happier and healthier in the new year. Find out more about Michelle of have her help you or your company get healthier, click here. We have a FEW more spots in our Vision Boarding Party on January 11th, so sign up by clicking here but do it TODAY

Favorite and Worst Christmas Songs


Michelle Zellner has been in regularly as we read her book, “The You Revolution: a Journey to a Better Being". Today she shares her internal journey to being a better being and discusses the importance of finding the right gym and trainer for you. 

Not Another Wellness Podcast: The YOU Revolution


Over the past 22 years, Michelle has built a thriving business Better Beings around helping people become healthier humans, aka Better Beings, and credits much of her business success to sharing the challenges and strategies along her own wellness journey.

The You Revolution - Michelle Zellner with Ryan Estes


 Health and happiness strategist, Michelle Zellner experienced the struggles, made the hard choices, and applied her professional experience to create the YOU Revolution™ - a program that has helped hundreds of people make true lifestyle changes. 

Be A Better Being with Movement


Michelle Zellner is back to talk about Step 5: Movement is Medicine in her book “The You Revolution: a Journey to a Better Being”. Proper technique to prevent injury. How to choose a fitness trainer. Finding exercises that work best for you. Exercise fads do’s and don’t’s. The importance of weight training

Michelle Zellner Answers What Weight Loss Really Is


Michelle Zellner is in to discuss the next step in being a better you from her book “The You Revolution: The Journey of a Better Being”. She explains was weight loss actually is, the variables involved, and other ways to measure succe

Support A Soldier and The You Revolution


Michelle Zellner, author of “The You Revolution: The Journey of a Better Being”, talks about what actually makes you healthier. She explains making wellness a lifestyle, not a short term goal, and making intentional choices. Mandy and Michelle have a plan to make Dave workout. 

Daylight Savings Time is Worthless


Michelle Zellner is back to take on another step of her book “The You Revolution: a Journey to a Better Being”. Inflammation is related to many diseases and eating habits and stress directly effect it. The history of weight loss. Why real butter is so good and better for you. Sugar is in everything. Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Whistleblower Makes Media Lose Their Minds


Michelle Zellner is back for step 2 of her book “The You Revolution: The Journey of a Better Being”. She explains why it’s important to know what your health numbers are and what they mean, such as blood pressure and cholesterol. There’s also an easy way to figure out a healthy size for your belly. 


Michelle Zellner

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