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Half-day workshop in Denver, Colorado 


Ladies of all ages, this one is for you!  Time flies, but it is never too late (or early) to get a handle on your health and wellness. We will go over what health and life issues you should be aware of from your 30s to 60s. Specifically geared toward the issues that affect women, this workshop covers stress, metabolism, disease risk and menopause.  We will explore how lifestyle choices (nutrition and supplementation, exercise, sleep, stress management) play a role in each of these areas and how simple strategies can improve your outcome. We will walk through the physiology and psychology of “the change”, and arm you with tools to be a good manager of menopause! By the end of the day you'll be armed with tools for your journey towards a Better Being.  

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Weekend of Wellness Workshops

The Weekend of Wellness workshops encourage personal growth across many facets and motivate you to be at your best. It can be easy to get caught up living the life we think we should, that we don’t stop to assess where we are going or where we have been. Immerse yourself in this weekend intensive to gain control of your life, find a sense of balance, reconnect with your inner self and reduce stress - regardless of past failures. Whether you are looking to make some changes or kick-start your routine, the Weekend of Wellness will provide education and insight to guide you toward your wellness destination.  

Taught by experts in the field of nutrition, fitness and well-being: Michelle Zellner, Brandon Kelley and Cara Glen. 

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"When was the last time you took time to dig deep? We often get so caught up in living the life we think we should be living that we don't stop to assess where we are going or even where we have been. Life is tough! Life is also beautiful, full of perfect machines, living their truths and becoming Better Beings! This weekend lets you take that time to really get educated and think about what success means you to you. Weekend of Wellness addresses the Mind, Body and Spirit connection to getting healthy. So many programs focus on just food, just fitness or just mindset. This workshop truly helps address all three. I personally, was jump started in a really well rounded routine. I have had so many tools available to me to for fitness but I haven't been utilizing any of them. After the W.O.W. I am truly excited and fired up to live a life that puts me first! Great leaders, Great participants and Amazing Breakthroughs!"

Tarena Z., Weekend of Wellness Participant 

I love Michelle. What a wealth of knowledge she has. She is the first person that has been able to explain in understandable terms what and how your thyroid works. She “gets it”. She understands the challenges I am facing and gives great suggestions on how to overcome the challenges! I have take a few different classes of hers and I always walk away with more knowledge and understanding of my body. 

 Kelley W .  5 week Resolution Reboot Participant