Wellness Workshops

~What We Offer~

Weekend of Wellness Workshops

The Weekend of Wellness workshops encourage personal growth across many facets and motivate you to be at your best. It can be easy to get caught up living the life we think we should, that we don’t stop to assess where we are going or where we have been. Immerse yourself in this weekend intensive to gain control of your life, find a sense of balance, reconnect with your inner self and reduce stress - regardless of past failures. Whether you are looking to make some changes or kick-start your routine, the Weekend of Wellness will provide education and insight to guide you toward your wellness destination.  

Taught by experts in the field of nutrition, fitness and well-being: Michelle Zellner, Brandon Kelley and Cara Glen. 


The You Revolution

This 10-week challenge is condensed into one amazing weekend. It will push you to revolutionize your health! It is not a diet. It is not a program. It is not a quick fix solution.  It is a journey of self- discovery, allowing you to make changes that will last a lifetime. The weekly seminars cover topics including stress management, nutrition, fitness, sleep, and chronic disease. You will learn a lot about yourself and discover your meaning of wellness. You will be challenged to identify and understand the obstacles that stand in your way from becoming the healthy person you want to be.  

With the guidance of Better Beings' Founder and wellness expert, Michelle Zellner, you will gain knowledge and develop strategies to make healthier choices in every aspect of your life and create a lifetime of habits to be your best self.   


"When was the last time you took time to dig deep? We often get so caught up in living the life we think we should be living that we don't stop to assess where we are going or even where we have been. Life is tough! Life is also beautiful, full of perfect machines, living their truths and becoming Better Beings! This weekend lets you take that time to really get educated and think about what success means you to you. Weekend of Wellness addresses the Mind, Body and Spirit connection to getting healthy. So many programs focus on just food, just fitness or just mindset. This workshop truly helps address all three. I personally, was jump started in a really well rounded routine. I have had so many tools available to me to for fitness but I haven't been utilizing any of them. After the W.O.W. I am truly excited and fired up to live a life that puts me first! Great leaders, Great participants and Amazing Breakthroughs!"

Tarena Z., Weekend of Wellness Participant 

"WOW was a great way to start the year off right. It was fun and impactful to be around other people with wellness goals. We all could relate to each other’s stories. Michelle did a great job educating us on nutrition and overall wellness, Brandon made the daily 5 workout plan achievable and fun, and Cara helped us define our fears and live our best life. Yes, overall health and wellness is hard, but it’s worth it! I can’t thank this team enough for putting together an amazing weekend of wellness and sharing your stories, knowledge and support . I am grateful for the experience. I highly recommend the WOW for anyone. Any fitness level, any nutrition level, any health level. It all starts with one small step."

Mandy P., Weekend of Wellness Participant