A Week of Life-Changing Experiences

Kauai, Hawaii is the place for an unforgettable retreat adventure.   

Disconnect from “real life” and tap into your full potential. Whether on the north or south shore,  the island offers the perfect setting to explore and expand your boundaries, enabling you to return home with practical applications. You will share accommodations for one week with 5-7 people from diverse backgrounds, enhancing the opportunity to collaborate on ideas for implementing healthier behaviors. All aspects of health and wellness are addressed---nutrition, exercise, stress management, mindfulness, and more! With daily fitness classes, activities, group discussion and mindful lessons, you'll be immersed in a transformative experience that will leave you inspired and empowered to be your best self. 

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~What's Included~

Beachside Accommodations

Enjoy six nights in a beautiful three-bedroom home tucked away on Anini Beach on Kauai’s North Shore. The serene Anini Beach is the perfect spot for optimizing wellness. Accommodations include a shared bed.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included for the duration of the retreat. You'll get a hands-on learning experience of planning and prepping meals to understand the dynamics of healthy eating.


You will get plenty of adventure with daily excursions, including various forms of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and other mind-body practices. Led by a Kauai native Bear Bailey Bubnis, these excursions will take us to hidden and secret spots only the locals know. 

Life-Long Transformation

From the beaches of Kauai to your everyday life, you'll learn how to take the concepts we share into a life full of self-love. The result is a profound transformation that makes the process of achieving inner peace, wellness, weight management and fitness intuitive. 

~Retreat Host~

Michelle Zellner, Founder of Better Beings


Michelle has been a fitness trainer and wellness coach for over two decades. She brings science, psychology and wellness concepts into her lessons with a humorous approach and a passion for motivating and inspiring people to take charge of her health. While on the island, you will be led by a variety of local guides and instructors who are passionate about the healthy lifestyle and have a true love for sharing the spirit of aloha.


Between Yoga, Meditations, Workouts, Painting on the beach, Exploring, Surfing, Paddle boarding, Biking and Daily Wellness Classes, you might think we had no time to ourselves. We did! We had time to shop, take relaxing sunrise and sunset walks, lay on the beach, snorkel and hang out with Sea turtles.

Michelle is a walking billboard for health and fitness and sees perfection in others. She is creative, productive, encouraging and smart. Her belief in manifesting your own life has really stuck with me. She has designed her life in a way that serves others and spreads health and wellness to as many people as she can. The things I’ve learned on this retreat will definitely help me continue to create the life I want to live. This is a wonderful retreat and I would encourage anyone interested to make the commitment and GO! Nothing about your trip will be average; it will all be more than you expected!  

The most incredible connection Michelle established was with Bear, of Kauai Adventure Fitness.  He brought a truly unique element to this retreat. Bear is native to Kauai, and helped us on our journey to awakening our inner light. His knowledge of island beaches, people, fruits, food and practices were amazing. He led us in several meditations that I can truly say, changed my life.


 I took a lot away from all of the amazing experiences jammed into that short week, but for me, the realization of how important balance is, made an impact. As we discussed, the effects of stress, sleep habits, and nutrition, my eyes were opened as to how unhealthy of a lifestyle I was living. The scary part for me was, I actually thought I was living in a fairly healthy way. You also shed light on the fact that you can’t really live a truly happy life, and be healthy emotionally, unless all the other components of wellness are in place. 

After being back home for a month, I’ve changed my diet based on your guidance, I’ve gotten back into a workout routine, and I’ve been making a concerted effort to manage the stresses in my life in a more positive way. I honestly don’t remember feeling as good as I feel now!

At the end of the day, I came home with an awareness, some tools, and a new found motivation to help me better take control of my life in terms of nutrition, physical fitness which, I truly feel has played directly into an improvement in my emotional, and spiritual health as well. 

- Jim